Friday, July 09, 2004

Welcome to the Kenya Democracy Project!

Habari Gani!

Welcome to the Kenya Democracy Project blog.

The Kenya Democracy Project is a network of Kenyan social justice activists in Africa, North America, Europe and other parts of the world who work in SOLIDARITY around 4 main objectives:

1. Supporting Katiba Watch and affiliated pro-democracy groups in Kenya agitating and mobilizing the broad masses of the Kenyan people for the quick promulgation and ratification of a new democratic constitution in Kenya;
2. Developing a reproductive rights support network of Kenyans, by Kenyans and friends of Kenya that will work with Kenyan women and their allies in fighting for reproductive choice, the legalization of abortion and access to affordable termination of pregnancy services;
3. Promoting workers’ rights in Kenya and networking with Kenyan and international trade unions, labour research and action centres and similar organizations in working towards a Kenya Workers’ Charter by May Day, 2005;
4. Work actively and continuously to deepen a human rights culture, and especially the third generation set of human rights- social, cultural and economic.

In pursuance of the above objectives, we will recruit like minded Kenyans and friends of Kenya with a democratic conscience and a progressive world outlook, people who work for social justice and struggle against class oppression, racism, sexism, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, tribalism, religious intolerance and all forms of discrimination and prejudice. We will plan, coordinate and hold such actions and campaigns as are deemed appropriate in realizing these goals.

Kenya Democracy Project operates as a decentralized, non-hierarchical collective of Kenyan activists and sees itself as part and parcel of the broad Kenyan democratic movement and the global social justice community.

For more information on the Kenya Democracy Project, please contact us at

Onyango Oloo

Adongo Ogony

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