Monday, July 12, 2004

Wahu Speaks Out Against Police Brutality, Affirms Katiba Watch Mass Action Stance

Wahu Kaara

is the Coordinator of the Kenya Debt Relief Network and a member of the African Social Forum. Wahu is also one of the main leaders of Katiba Watch, the main lobby group spearheading the ongoing mass mobilization in Kenya around the demand for a new constitution.

She spoke at the July 3, 2004 Uhuru Park rally that was violently broken up by anti-riot policee and GSU units using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

Click here to read the Uhuru Park Katiba Declaration read by Wahu Kaara and others on July 3, 2004

You can see Wahu addressing the crowd at the very end of this 10 minute online movie produced by the First Woman collective

On Friday, July 9, 2003 Wahu Kaara was interviewed by Leigh Brownhill, Salma Njoki, Mwaura Kaara, Edward Miriga, Tom Keefer and Terisa Turner of First Woman at the First Woman meeting in Mwimuto. It is a two part interview. Kenya Democracy Project would like to give a special thanks to Canadian activist Tom Keefer and the Kenyan based First Woman collective for making this interview avaiable to us via the Autonomy and Solidarity network.

Please visit the Kenya Resource page at Autonomy & Solidarity by clicking here

The interview is divided into Part One and Part Two:

Here is Part One


This is Part Two

There is also an earlier interview that Tom Keefer conducted with Wahu Kaara where she gives us more background as to her history of activism. We played that interview in the July 7th edition of the DUNIA show here in Montreal and it is included as part of a longer tribute to Kenyan social justice and radical political activists. In fact before the profile of and interview with Wahu, there is a book review of "We Lived To Tell" a book put out by the Nyayo House survivors- Kenyans who were abducted and tortured by the Kenyan secret police in the dark days of the neo-colonial Moi-KANU dictatorship. Kenya Democracy Project would like to thank Njuguna Mutahi of the Nairobi based People Against Torture who availed of us several copies. If you want to purchase a copy of this book, please contact the Kenya Democracy Project at ALL proceeds will be sent directly to the survivors of Nyayo House who told their stories for this remarkable publication.

Here is the Wahu Kaara Profile and Interview with Tom Keefer

There is still one more interview with Wahu Kaara...

Click Here

Wahu Kaara is one of several authors of this academic paper

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