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Oloo's Hypothesis Concerning the Attacks on the Ngugis


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Message of Empathy With The Ngugi Family Following Harrowing Ordeal in Nairobi

Around midnight on Thursday, four armed thugs raided an apartment in Nairobi where the great Kenyan writer, Pan Africanist and social justice activist Ngugi wa Thiongo and his wife Njeeri were preparing to retire after a long day.

As we all know, Ngugi is back in his homeland after a twenty-two year absence. He was welcomed warmly by thousands of people who jammed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport singing love songs. The cast of Ngaahika Ndeenda (the controversial Gikuyu language play he penned with name-sake Ngugi wa Mirii) were also on hand to give our silver haired griot a Mzalendo’s welcome.

Those of us who have been his students, either literally, politically or artistically were enveloped and engulfed in the emotional home coming, the return of the native. From Montreal, some of us saw Ngugi as our very own Aime Cesaire doing a literal as opposed to literary retour au pays natal, not to Martinique but to Kenya. I did my own tribute on the very day of his arrival and will therefore not rehash it here.

In the last few days we have heard and read of Ngugi being welcomed in Dar es Salaam, Kampala and elsewhere

In fact, it was merely hours after his plane had touched from Entebbe that the brutal tragedy struck.

It is an event that has been covered widely in the Kenyan and international media:
Bonyeza Hapa

Finya Here

Ehe, Ni Hapo Hapo


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Across the country, Kenyans have been reeling with shock and outrage and there have been many messages of sympathy that I have seen in many online forums like Africa-Oped, Kenyaonline and elsewhere.

A Kenyan Site Distinguished by Its Petty Spite

There is one forum, however which stands in sharp contrast to all of these. This is a site that I have previously cited for its peculiar mean spirited streak. But even a hard boiled egg like myself was quite revolted when I read the following reactions to the news that a fellow human being, who just so happens to be Kenyan came perilously close to losing his life to sadistic robbers who tortured him by burning his face with cigarette butts and attempting to rape his wife.

Tune in:

-Those tugs should have finnished Ngugi
From: _ - Fri, Aug 13, 4:56 AM

“He is a good for nothing sob. He let his mother die of starvation and his first wife die of hunger, all in the rural village, while the fella was buzzing abroad and boasting that he is a renown writer. People like Ngugi don't desrve to call Kenya motherland. The tugs should have finnished him. Kenya is better without Ngugi.”

-Ngugi got what he deserved. Stayed away for too long
From: _ - _ Fri, Aug 13, 1:26 AM

“Malipo ni hapa duniani. His mother died. He never went for the funeral. Instead he decided to stay away. She came back to haunt him alright.“

-Why I weep not for Ngugi.
“From: JARIBU - Thu, Aug 12, 11:00 PM
Every life, be it Ngugi's or that of the an unknown Kamau, is important and must be protected. Our government has, time and again, failed to protect the regular Wanjiku or Onyango who are constantly terrorised by thugs, yet when one Ngugi is accosted, the government machinery goes into hyper mode. This hypocrisy should cease. I have deliberately overlooked the numerous articles in our papers about the mishap that Ngugi and his wife encountered because I think Ngugi does not deserve more protection than the people in Kayole, Kibera or in the Kuria District, where murder and cattle rustling are the norm. I weep not for Ngugi, but I surely weep for Kenya. When will we hold the likes of Murungaru to account for their inability to protect and serve? “

To be fair, there were other sadists celebrating elsewhere:

Thu Aug-12-04 05:59 PM
Member since Oct 02nd 2002
400 posts


"This is a man who has engineered ethnic chauvinism and refuses to respect other cultures. He is the Kikuyu supremo in theory and has never condemned the activities of the notorious mungiki sect. We all know he has been silently funding the group's activities. He is a man who dared to comment on Kenya's politic's despite having been out of touch with what's happening on the ground. So prof. Ngugi, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I really dont feel sorry for this guy. So what if he is Ngugi wa Thiongo. The snake in the Mungikism you sought to spread in your publications and refused to condemn slid back and bit. It must hurt, but what would hurt more are the attrocities, the many that lie dead, the innocent families attacked , the women raped and forcibly circumcized. Yet its the Mungiki that you, Ngugi Wa Thiongo, redefined.”

Reading the above outpourings of digital vomit one scratches one’s head with about 349 questions swirling with cyclonic fury inside one’s head.

Perhaps some of these individuals are among those roadside ruthless freaks who wait like vultures at accident red spots for a car to crash and expel its shocked human contents often minus limbs and digits. As the highway casualties groan for help, these sadistic scavengers rush to the wreckage and work furiously to pry open the doors and windows. But not, as one would imagine, in order to rescue the hapless, terrified victims whose bodies lie mangled stained by their own lost gallons of blood; oh no…

Rather, these hyenas in human form have come to rob the grievously wounded not only of their meagre earthly belongings, but possibly their very lives as well. As they walk from the dying victims, the vultures glance anxiously at their newly acquired wristwatches wondering when the next head on collision, broken axle or tire puncture will occur- they are determined to transform their macabre swag into real estate lucre…

That is certainly how I look at ALL of the people who have celebrated on the internet as the Ngugis have been forced to dance a very unwilling mwomboko with the grim reaper.

In trying to understand the thought process that inspires the ever present online sadists of and beyond(one specializes in the gratuitous display of severed heads, dismembered torsos, mutilated genitalia, blood, gore and other cheap graphic depictions of everyday mayhem); in trying to fathom their ethos, I had to transcend the mundane, the routine and the pedestrian- I had to venture beyond the commonplace.

Surrealism Unlocks The Door

And in my attempt to do so, I sought solace and explanation in modern contemporary visual fine art of the early to mid twentieth century.

And the school that I walk into today is the School of
It is my sardonic, if sincere belief that many artists who embrace surrealism operate on another sphere of consciousness not readily accessible to the average human like you and I (unless you, dear reader just so happens to be yet another surrealist). Many of the leading surrealists lived on the edge ideologically speaking. They were either extremely flamboyant fascists like the infamous Salvador Dali or militant socialists like Andre Breton

Click here to visit Salvador Dali’s captivating online gallery

And quite a few were into Freudian psychoanalysis and not above consciously altering their consciousness regularly with copious helpings of LSD, heroin, mushrooms, hashish and other chemical and organic assistants
Rene Magritte who recoiled at such artificial stimuli and tried to turn his back on surrealism is ironically, one of the surviving icons of surrealism in the 21st century.

Now, not all fascists or socialists are surreal.

And conversely, not all surrealists are fascists or socialists.

But let us not start an unnecessary ideological fist fight about this, ok?

My point is simply this:

Surrealists have made it aesthetically and morally acceptable and respectable to be totally bizarre, completely off the wall, downright kooky and plain out of this world.

It is not for nothing that the word “surreal” is part of my lexicon, a word in my personal thesaurus meaning “wow, this is totally flipped out, zany, zonked out, outlandish and wacky!”

So dear reader come with me and peer with me into the demimonde constructed by assorted surrealists and their kindred artistic folk who have preserved for posterity an outlook that can not be dismissed as merely “ordinary”.

Please come closer and GAWK:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Why Tanzanians Think Kenyans Are Weird

When I lived in Dar es Salaam between October 1987 and November 1988, we Kenyans stood out like a sore thumb.

And it was NOT merely because of our ATROCIOUS assault on the Kiswahili language (which as wags have it, was born in Tanzania, died in Kenya and before being buried in Uganda). There were after all, more than a handful of us who did not suffer from that linguistic affliction.

No, what made Kenyans stand out was our RUDENESS.

I remember this one incident very vividly, as if it was yesterday. Lo and behold, it was some time in late September or early October 1988 and there was this prominent Kenyan exile based in northern Europe(name withheld) who was in town hobnobbing with local branch of the Kenyan disgruntled elements abroad-Oloo being among them. We were at this little mkahawa(restaurant) and we had ordered something to eat. Now, say what you want about Tanzanians- but one thing about our southern neighbours is that they are POLITE to a FAULT. You will not even realize that they are demanding that you PAY THEM BEFORE YOU EAT because they will slip it in very smoothly:

“Ndugu, naomba ulipe kwanza tafadhali.”


“Brother(or sister) I kindly and humbly request you to please pay before we have the honour of serving you.”

And you will be so mollified at this UNREASONABLE request that you will actually tip them in advance!

One can imagine a local “Bongo”(the nickname for Dar es Salaam)hoodlum addressing his victim just before he relieves him of all valuables:

“Dada, wewe ni mrembo mstaraabu aliejirembua tena naona umevaa gauni nzuri kweli kweli, na viatu za kuvutia na za kiajabu. Lakini utaniwia radhi nikikusihii unevulie ushanga, mkufu, bangili, sidiria, kisimu cha mkononi, chupi chako cha dhahabu Kutoka ughaibuni na mkoba wako, Ahsante, nashukuru, safiri salama na uchungane na hawo majambazi huko mbele. Hebu shika nauli ya kupanda dala dala kuelekea Kinondoni ama waenda zako Temeke? Samahani …”


“Sister: I can see that you are a beautiful, classy lady with fancy make up are dressed to kill in that fabulous dress and eff me stiletos. Please forgive me, but I beg you to take off your necklace, bangles, waist beads, bra, cell phone, your imported golden knickers from abroad, and if you don’t mind, your purse, thank you kindly, I really appreciate this. Please travel safely and watch out for those crooks waylaying ahead. Here. Please take these shillings- you need money to get on the matatu bound for Kinondoni.. or are you headed for Temeke? Please forgive me…”

That is why you should imagine how shocked to the core when this waiter in this mkahawa (and my friend Adongo can bear witness to this)how aghast the Tanzanian was at the boorish hectoring of our northern European domiciled tourist who kept flinging back the nyama choma in the face of the restaurant staff while complaining very bitterly in a very loud voice, before he almost triggered off a major international incident when he went apeshit on seeing the paltry bill that we could have paid off twice with our own meagre refugee allowance pocket change. We were Kenyans, but we were embarrassed. Having lived in Tanzania for a year, we had forgotten that such creatures still roamed this planet. In my estimation the only other nation that approaches Kenyans in terms of loutish behaviour is the United States of America, who at least have bragging rights as the Number One Global Bully with WMDs to back up their chest thumping…

Petit-Bourgeois Petty Minds and The Myopic Poisoners Online

Quite frankly, I have been quite embarrassed as a Kenyan whenever I have surfed www.rcbowen with NON KENYAN friends.

Once a few months ago, during the time of the Africa Cup of Nations, I was having a friendly banter and wager with a young Moroccan woman friend of mine. I took her to rcb to show her how vigorous the discussion on this forum was about this sports spectacle and was nauseous when I scrolled down the hateful and RACIST anti-Arab and anti-Muslim messages by Kenyans who DO NOT BELIEVE that the African continent extends NORTH of the Sahara. And please do not give me that bullshit about Arabs feeling they do not belong in Africa. Of course we know of the reality of Arab racial and racist prejudice towards Black Kenyans (a Mgikuyu Muslim friend of mine who grew up in the Middle East has given me first hand accounts of the plight that Black Africans endure in places like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates- the word “abd” means both “Black” as well as “slave” and “servant”) but that does not take away the multi-racial, multi-cultural reality of the African continent. The fact that there are rednecks in the southern backwaters of the United States of America has not led to the redrawing of the state and national boundaries of that beastly nation-state.

More recently, I was doing a radio show here in Montreal and my Nigerian born buddy T was at the technical controls. We had wanted to open up a live interactive online thread on the discussion board. I had even brought with me some juicy music selections and I was going to give away a couple of CDs in a contest designed exclusively for my online listeners. But as I watched the silent horror registered on my friend’s face, my heart sank and I was shame faced apologizing and rationalizing on behalf of my mean spirited, porno addled and foul mouthed compatriots. I tried to explain to him that there are dozens of other Kenyan netters on that forum who are different- but judging by his bemused and skeptical expression, I am not sure if I sold him that argument.

Often, when I encounter such abuse-and I do not have to look far because it is often smack in my own face- I wonder about these individuals, knowing some of them personally or through interaction in other forums where they exhibit the opposite behaviour, often leading the pogroms against the trash talkers.

There is something one of them told me last year, in the process of-trashing me.

He told me that he loved because IT WAS THE ONE FORUM WHERE HE COULD BE HIS TRUE TRIBALISTIC, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC AND PRO-IMPERIALIST HOUSE NIGGA SELF. Other forums he explained either required someone supplying an authentic verifiable email address, if not an actual name or registering and using only one recognized handle. In, anything goes and he loved it! Men can be women; women can be men; Adults can be children and IMBECILES can pretend to be PHYSICIANS or, “US citizens serving in the US military in Pyongtaek, South Korea.” In this context, if one was a Gikuyu hating LUO, they could go FULL THROTTLE guns blazing against their perceived ethnic adversaries; if one was a MISOGYNIST man suffering from PENILE INADEQUACIES or suffering the trauma of a recent merciless DUMPING, one could go bananas and abuse women all day from the comfy lair of cowardly anonymity; if one was a closeted homosexual in the United States obsessed over certain essayists living in Canada, then gave them the licence to STALK their prey practically around the clock using a series of infantile cyberpersonas, ranging from testestorone fuelled digital shemales to mythical captains of industry, academic giants, and not forgetting gringo soldiers in active Asia- Pacific tours of duty; if one was Robertsonian or Kenyan Fundamentalist Crusader, one could go after what the racists refer to us as “sand niggers” and “towel heads” (I have actually seen Black African Kenyans who daily endure overt racism using these terms!) with absolute gusto and complete abandon…one could go on and on.

That is why, shocking as it may be, the strange and deranged death watch by these internet vultures in the wake of the criminal assault on the Ngugis DEFINES the character of this forum rather than scream out as an aberration. Just like TORTURE is as American as Apple Pie, so MEAN SPIRITEDNESS is as embedded in the DNA of SOME rcb Kenyans.

But if provides a very privileged access to the windows of how your average Kenyan elitist class mind often works, what does this then say about our NATIONAL PSYCHE?

One of the things it tells me is that large sections of Kenyan middle class elements abroad with their mean spirit, their ideological vacuity, political shallowness, tribal density, sexist propensities, unwarranted arrogance, shameless neo-colonial butt licking and general sadistic streak WILL NOT NOW or IN THE NEAR FUTURE, SPONTANEOUSLY PRODUCE LEADERS WITH A VISION OR COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS WHO ARE MADE MORE RELEVANT BY THEIR COMMITMENT TO UNIVERSAL HUMAN VALUES-quite the OPPOSITE.

As for the jibes against Ngugi and Njeeri, I comfort myself as I found solace in the reassuring realization that if you take ALL OF THE PEOPLE who TRASH the Ngugis and Njeeris online and put ALL of them in a mkokoteni headed towards the Kibarani Garbage Dump in Mombasa, they would fit in quite comfortably with lots of leg room to spare. One of the reasons for this is because ONE TWENTY SOMETHING KENYAN owns, by a conservative estimate 78.4% of ALL THE HANDLES on that, including a big chunk of the underscores, hyphens, asterisks, question marks, exclamation points, comas, fullstops and other allegedly “nameless” renditions of their maniacal, juvenile personas.

Reaffirming Our Solidarity and Empathy with the Ngugis

I JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF WELL-WISHERS in Kenya and around the world who wish Njeeri and Ngugi a SWIFT and COMPLETE recovery.

Before I pen off, a couple of random reflections on the attack itself.

By now, everyone reading this has grasped the gist of what happened at Norfolk Towers so what I am about to share is hardly breaking news.

I would like to muse a little about that incident. And for that, I will base myself on the following account that a well connected Nairobi-based netter posted on the Mashada forum HOURS BEFORE the first edition of the Kenyan dailies came online yesterday:

"from "Dee Dee" in Mashada:

#53653, "The final story..."
"In response to In response to 4

“Of late i have been speaking Rape too much, but now Police are saying this is Mungiki, two issues emerge, was there forced Circumcision? ama rape?

“According to Doctors they cant confirm lakini she is under the watch of Frank Njenga and a gyno. they are being treated mainly for psychological trauma....

“Anyway, here is the final story...


“KENYA’S foremost novelist Ngugi wa Thiong’o and his wife Njeeri were on Wednesday night severely injured following an attack by four armed gangsters at Norfolk towers in the Nairobi.

“As a result the couple, spent the whole of yesterday admitted in Nairobi hospital, where they were transferred after a short stint at Kenyatta National hospital where police rushed them shortly after the attack.

“At Nairobi hospital, President Mwai Kibaki’s personal doctor Dan Gikonyo led a high-powered medical team in handling the case. The team includes renowned psychiatrist – Frank Njenga who is handling the, “major psychological and emotional trauma of the patients.”

“The gangsters struck at the stroke of midnight when Ngugi- home for a month, after a 22 year old self exile in the United States of America, was escorting Kiragu Chege after a chat in their upstairs room rented for the literally icon by East African Publishers.

“Police and medical authorities confirmed the incident with the police blaming the attack to the outlawed Mungiki.

“However, there were contradicting reports on how the four gangsters wielding two guns, a machete and a huge wire cutter and other crude weapons gained access to the apartments with two different versions emerging on the night drama.
According to the police the gangsters cut off a wire enclosure forming part of the fence surrounding the apartments to gain entry to the rented room where Ngugi has been staying.

“Ngugi who had jetted back to the country only eight hours earlier after delivering a speech at Makerere University on The Role of African Universities said in a statement read on his behalf by his publisher Barrack Muluka that at 7.30 pm when they arrived at the guest apartments he spotted a suspicious car in the apartments compound.

“Narrated Ngugi; “at about 7:30pm I spotted people in a car outside the apartment, who on hearing me shout for Kiragu Chege, one of the organizers of my visit, quickly left the premises in a car towards the gate of the apartments.”

“A taxi driver who has been serving the couple for the last two weeks they have been in the country speaking on condition of anonymity however explained that the four thugs first booked themselves into the one day rooms section, from where they staged they organized their attack, struck before fleeing with their car that was around the area since 3pm.

“Nairobi Provincial Police Officer Mwangi King’ori explained that the men ambushed the scholar as he opened the door to escort Chege and demanded to know whether he was sympathizer of the proscribed Mungiki sect.

“He said Ngugi sustained facial injuries that were inflicted by a pistol and a burning cigarette butt while his wife was injured on the right arm and face. Ngugi’s two children were not with their parents during the attack. They were said to have traveled upcountry.

“He said a guard who was on duty during the raid is being held. According to the police boss, a security guard accompanied by his back-up dog saw the thugs but failed to act. He said police are still figuring out why the dog didn’t bark due to the muzzle on its mouth.

“Ngugi on his part had appealed to Kenyans through Dr. Frank Njenga, to let him “heal in private” and to the media he requested, “Keep my children out of this.”

“Appealed Ngugi, “we understand the anxiety and concern Kenyans have and we appreciate it in the same vein we request that the media practices responsible journalism and uphold the value of information while allowing us to recover silently.”

"Dr. Gikonyo ruled the couple out of danger saying they had no life threatening injuries inflicted on them, but maintained his analysis was on the physical point of view.

"Asked if the novelist’s wife was raped during the one-hour ordeal Gikonyo could not confirm or deny the issue only saying, “ a gynecologist is on board and will be assisting the medical team”.

“However Ngugi in his statement alluded to the issue saying, “During the whole ordeal they did all sort of acts of humiliation including burning my face with cigarettes, and finally tried to rape my wife.”

“The thugs took from the couple a laptop computer, US$ 450, 200 South African rands, undisclosed amount of local currency and Ngugi’s wedding ring.
Ngugi returned to the country less than two weeks ago to a tumultuous welcome after spending 22 years in self-exile in Britain. He fled in June 1982 following fears that the former Kanu government could detain him over his severe criticism of its oppressive rule.

“Since his return, the author has been engaged in numerous social activities to commemorate his comeback. East Africa Education Publishers Barrack Muluka who was in charge of the activities said similar events that were to be marked this week have been put on hold.”

And let us bolster that with this Kenya Times version:

Bonyeza Hapa

Whichever you look at it this WAS NOT AN ORDINARY robbery perpetrated by UNSUPERVISED ELEMENTS of the criminal segment of Nairobi’s impoverished lumpen proletariat.

It has elements to other so called “crimes”- like the midnight car jacking of Martha Karua and Father Wamugunda; the raid on Oburu Odinga’s home; the reported shootings at several MPs and similar weird developments.

Oloo’s Hypothesis:

Of course, people will jump on me straight away, but I am used to that by now.

Often, I am alone in saying things THAT ARE BORNE OUT BY SUBSEQUENT INVESTIGATIONS and INDEPENDENT FINDINGS-the Anglo Leasing Scandal where I spoke about that American guy being the most recent instance.

So I do not mind- people of courage will probably back me up on this sooner or later.

Anyways, I live in far off Quebec and I can afford to say whatever I want to say because I am beholden to NOBODY.

Here goes.

The attack on the Ngugis was:

1.Premeditated-the famous novelist reported seeing a strange car loitering around from as early as 7:30 pm;
2.Politically motivated. Why would simple robbers care whether Ngugi wa Thiongo supports Mungiki or not?
3.Deliberate Targeted act of HUMILIATION. Why would they burn Ngugi’s face with cigarettes and try and rape his wife?
4.Had the hallmarks of an Abu Ghraib INTERROGATION SESSION. More on this in a second;
5.Loaded with an ETHNIC AGENDA. Given Ngugi’s stature and profile, there are two MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE SCENARIOS. It was either an attack organized by GIKUYUPHOBIC tribalists who see Ngugi SYMBOLIZING all they hate about the Agikuyu; or CONVERSELY, it could be a CYNICAL attack ORGANIZED by GIKUYU ETHNIC CHAUVINISTS to whip up TRIBAL HATRED against certain communities PERCEIVED to be “rivals” of the Agikuyu;
6.It was DEFINITELY an inside job. See reports in the mainstream media questioning how these assailants gained access in this otherwise fortified property;
7.It is NOT the first or the last of such premeditated attacks;
8.It was NOT organized or carried out by MUNGIKI! Ngugi is seen in many quarters to be IDEOLOGICALLY supportive of Mungiki; there are even allegations that members of the controversial sect were part of his welcoming committee. Why would they go after Ngugi who said goodbye to the English language to write exclusively in the Gikuyu language? Ngugi? who has maintained Mutiiri as a premier literary journal to promote Gikuyu culture?! Some of us who are on the Kenyan Left, but outside the Gikuyu community, have actually berated Ngugi for being too culturally inward looking. Mungiki would be LAST GROUP of people to attack Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
9.That is why it is EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS that the POLICE immediately FINGERED Mungiki as the leading suspects- in much the same way as the FBI went after Middle Eastern looking terrorists in the immediate after shock on the Oklahoma City bombing? Why the rush to tag Mungiki?

Arising from the above NINE points I suggest the following:

The attack on Ngugi wa Thiongo was a CAREFULLY PLANNED operation carried out by a SINISTER THIRD FORCE that has ties with CERTAIN ESTABLISHMENT FIGURES in the NARC regime.

Go back to that cigarette burning torture session and other acts of humiliation that Ngugi talked about. What does it remind you of? Remember this is something that TOOK SIXTY MINUTES! I was in prison for five years hanging out with some of Kenya’s most hardened violent felons. One of the things that robbers DO NOT DO, is to HANG AROUND THE SCENE OF THE CRIME burning their victims with cigarettes. They are CONSCIOUS that the alarms have probably gone off, maybe someone has heard a scuffle, a muffled scream or some commotion or that the security guards may be alerted any minute. So their priority is to grab the loot and RUN, GET AWAY. If you speak to an honest bank robber, they will tell you that they time their operations to take not more than FIVE MINUTES to execute; a sincere Ngeta specialist or pickpocket will tell you the same thing.

So who were these people who were so CONFIDENT that they could have their way with the Ngugis for an entire hour with complete IMPUNITY? People who knew in advance that the alarm would not go off and that the dogs would not bark and no security guards would raid the scene???!!


And like I said, their METHODS of TORTURE and HUMILIATION evoke the SPECIAL BRANCH more than they evoke the 42 Brothers!

And WHY were they asking Ngugi about Mungiki if all they wanted was to rob them of their valuables?

Why did they attempt to RAPE Njeeri if all they wanted was money from her purse? Again from my Kamiti days, crooks who pause to rape and sexually assault their victims are held in considerable contempt by their more “professional, up market colleagues”- they consider this a dangerous deviant diversion which can ensure that a Patrick Shaw arrives on the scene and shoots them dead because the have lost their focus which is to get the mbeca and other valuables.

Why do I see an ethnic and political dimension to this?

Just by the totally UNCONVINCING accounts from the police-fingering Mungiki; describing the suspects as “dark skinned”- what is that supposed to mean in an African country where 99.99999999999999992%of the population is "dark skinned” unless the SUBLIMINAL message is “dark skinned“ in the Mungatana sense of the word, yaani “dark skinned” as in WaNUBI, Wa LUO, Wa KALE, Wa TURKANA or some other NILOTES.

And I really think that I will go back to my other hypothesis THAT NO ONE HAS SO FAR CHALLENGED BY THE WAY- of the TWO MUNGIKIS.

I really do believe that there is a well trained militia of RUTHLESS KILLERS that some EVIL Kenyan politicians are using to advance a very morbid agenda.

Since I have written extensively about this before, I will just provide a link to the essay exploring MY TWO MUNGIKIS hypothesis:

Click Here to read,Is Murungaru a War Lord?

And I will leave it at that.

Onyango Oloo
Friday, August 13, 2004