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Why Was Michael Jackson Arrested?

A Digital Essay by Onyango Oloo

Gavin Arvizo, Michael Jackson's accuser

Janet Arvizo(believe it or not she became Janet JACKSON after remarrying in 2004!)the star prosecution witness who according to FOX News...

They wanna get my ass
Dead or alive
You know he really tried to take me
Down by surprise
I bet he missioned with the CIA
He don't do half what he say

Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man

He out shock in every single way
He'll stop at nothing just to get his political say
He think he bad cause he's BSTA
I bet he never had a social life anyway
You think he brother with the KKK?
I know his mother never taught him right anyway
He want your vote just to remain DA.
He don't do half what he say

Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man

Dom S. Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man

Does he send letters to the FBI?
Did he say to either do it or die?

Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man

Dom S. Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man
Dom Sheldon is a cold man

Dom S. Sheldon is a cold man.

[Ad lib fade]

-Lyrics to 'DS' by Michael Jackson from HIStory album

Of Course, not EVERYONE who watched

the Michael Jackson verdict live jumped up and down with delirious joy as you can detect, when you scan the SHOCKED FACE of the woman in the picture below:

And NO ONE was surprised to hear the following quote from an infamous media vulture who started digging her fascist talons into the Indiana-born global megastar even before he was indicted:

"It is a clean sweep in a California courtroom. The Michael Jackson jury handing down a verdict that stunned the nation: Not guilty on all counts. ... It was a 13-year-old Hispanic boy who took on Michael Jackson in court. And tonight, it’s not guilty, by reason of celebrity.”

Nancy Grace, Court TV

It was a thrill to see Nancy Grace getting her comeuppance from this quick live rebuttal on CNN Headline News:

“Well, this is the bitter pill you’re going to have to swallow, Nancy. This is the reality, not the reality you have created for the last year. Michael Jackson is not guilty. Let him live his life in peace and stop trying to retry the case, and that’s what you’re doing.”

Debra Opri, Jackson Family Lawyer

Memo to Ms. Diane Diamond:Take a vacation from your 10 year journalistic stalking of Michael Jackson already!

One of America's most notorious House Niggas is the conservative talk show host

Larry Elder and he wasted very little time before he slipped into his cooning and fawning ass kissing role, trashing "Blacks"(he is apparently GREEN) for celebrating the acquittal of Michael Jackson while millions of American Whites locked themselves in their bathrooms crying their poor hearts out that a jury WITHOUT A SINGLE BLACK PERSON on it, looked at the evidence and found Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY on all 587 counts.

Larry Elder is no stranger to trashing his fellow African-Americans as you can see from this equally virulent diatribe in Capitalism Magazine where he trashes

Ebony Magazine(hardly a radical pamphlet, you know) for leaving out Judge Clarence Thomas and other

Oreo Cookies from its listing of the 100 Most Influential Blacks in America. You can also read him in the Jewish World Review taking a couple of vicious jabs at

Minister Louis Farrakhan..

The so called Human Events Online, the far right rag that carried Larry Elder's rant against Michael Jackson recently made a laughing stock of itself with the following list of books it may want burned and banned..

Given its pathetic background of railing against anything left of Mussolini and Hitler, I often find it extremely sad to see some wannabe online Kenyan neo-fascist

Parrots, regurgitating at various Kenyan discussion sites, the kind of drivel that I have excerpted above from Larry Elder and Company.

African-Americans largely reacted with relief as you can see from this news story and this other one from the San Francisco Bay area plus this piece from Chicago.

BET conducted a poll on the verdict. Here are the results:

Jackson Verdict Poll Results

Posted June 17, 2005 -- Was Michael Jackson's jury fair in its decision? Will Michael be able to repair his damaged reputation? We asked, and you answered. Here are Jackson verdict poll results.

Was the jury's decision fair?
79% of you said yes
16% of you said no
5% of you didn't know

Will Jackson be able to repair his reputation?
59% of you said yes
28% of you said no
13% of you didn't know

Some of us have been insisting on Michael Jackson's INNOCENCE for a very long time.

Michael Jackson should NEVER have been arrested in the first place. He should NEVER have been charged in the first place. There was NEVER a serious case against Michael Jackson at any time- including the first time in 1993 when he reached a multi-million settlement with his first accuser.

So, why did he dish out the muthendi in 1993?

Well, blame the late

Johnnie Cochran for that.

According to a story I read in the GQ magazine around October 1994, Michael Jackson had all along wanted to pursue the case through a full trial and it was Dr. Johnnie Cochran and other attorneys on his team who convinced Michael that from a business point of view, it was CHEAPER for Michael to dole out a few millions of dollars to take the negative publicity away from the screaming headlines and prime time slots rather than tough it out and duke it to the bitter end- by which time, Johnnie argued, his major asset- his name and reputation would be irreparably sullied and damaged in the court of public opinion, even if he emerged legally victorious. Michael Jackson, like a lot of people, respected Dr.Johnnie Cochran's legal opinion.

In retrospect, one can argue that Michael Jackson was right and Johnnie Cochran was wrong, because ironically more people started to believe that Michael had something to cover up because of that out of court settlement.

Now I know all you Doubting Mutisos and Skeptical Adhiambos think I am making stuff up as I chug along, so here is the

link to the darn article ok? Here is another link just in case there is a NUTBAR out there who thinks I somehow composed the previous one.

So why was Michael Jackson arrested and why was he dragged through that horrible humiliating experience that his older Muslim brother Jermaine Jackson properly called a "modern hi-tech lynching"?

Was it because of the pettiness of a small minded red neck prosecutor with a vendetta against the global megastar?

Was it because, as we say in Kenya, "money had been poured"?

Hasha. Hapana! O-oyo! No way Jose! and similar ways of reiterating the opposite of affirmative.

Now, I am sure that

the ferret



Tom Sneedon would snivel, sneeze, wiggle, fidget and squirm a great deal if he were ever trapped in a Martin Luther King birthday celebration and I do not see Goofy Tom walking to the podium to receive one of those

dainty NAACP image awards anytime soon.

And we know that the most prominent fascist prosecutor practising on television, that vicious racist, that odious Made in Larry King Live female Frankenstein Nancy Grace made ngiris and ngiris and ngiris of American muthendi hand over fist because of her daily and nocturnal pursuit of Michael who she had determined was guilty until proven innocent right from the getgo.

But to ascribe to these two bit bigoted hoodlums a nefarious plot to "get Michael" is to force them to fart higher than their own asses, which we know is a biological impossibility.

So WHY was Michael Jackson arrested when he was and why was he tried the way he was?

Was it merely an attempt at a modern hi-tech lynching?

That possibility pretty much is beyond debate given what we have all seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears since his arrest.

But why Michael??

Especially as we now all know (except the embittered Sneedon groupies still trying Michael in assorted internet chat rooms or chiming on various right wing all talk radio gab and gob fests)that the man was 1000% innocent?

Is it because he is considered by the mainstream media to be more than a freak?

While his eccentric behaviour did little to exonerate him in the court of public opinion, again, we must look elsewhere if we are SERIOUS.

Can we all rewind our mental videos to November 20, 2003?

Do you remember what was the OTHER BIG STORY that was dominating the headlines on that day?

If you are suffering from convenient, politically induced amnesia, let me help you to refresh and reload those fading mental files, ama?

And to Kenyanize the "pictures are worth blah blah" expression, one picha will cost you five hundred jirongos, whereas one insha with five hundred words is worth only one jirongo. I believe you are following me eh, Kenyan and non-Kenyan readers...

Moving right along.

This is what was ALSO HAPPENING on the day Michael Jackson was arrested on November 20, 2003:

Open your eyes and GAWK:

Here is an OFFICIAL news release from the White House detailing Bush's itinerary and agenda for that day, November 20, 2003.

On the flipside, I retrieved this item from the archives of a left-leaning activist site.

Now peruse this Reuters news report from that day.

Now I want you all to take a WILD GUESS as to which story dominated the news on Friday, November 21, 2003- the 100,000 people who came out to protest the visit of Bush to the UK or the racist melodrama straight out of a FOX Cops episode with Michael in the villain's role?

Hands up those who persist in saying it was Bush.

Can you do me a favour and kick yourself in the seat of your own pants two or three times?

Michael Jackson, if he is NOT the MOST FAMOUS FACE in the world (some argue that Mickey Mouse Nelson Mandela and Michael Jordan and of course Dubya, are better known) is certainly among the Top Five.

If you were a handler for George Bush and wanted his mug to be replaced by another equally familiar face on the evening news,who would you go for?

Arrest Mandela and charge him with what?

Arraign Mickey Mouse as a leading Al Qaeda terrorist?

Indict Michael Jordan as the Chicago lynchpin for the Medellin cocaine cartel?

C'mon- give me a frigging break.

Michael Jackson's eccentric peccadilloes, coupled with the incessant tabloid and even mainstream media(Martin Bashir, do you remember that BBC man?) stalking and the constant rumour mill about Michael Jackson and his penchant for doing sleepovers with watois at Neverland presented the Bush image consultants and disinformation managers with the perfect decoy, the perfect red herring.

The moment someone asked:

"How about if Michael Jackson was arrested today, would it shift the media focus away from the President?"

Someone else must have immediately shrieked:

"Eureka! Let's Do It!"

Remember this was almost exactly a year before the next Presidential elections in the US and the GOP was determined to have Dubya reselected. Meticulous planning was already in place- like the vote stealing scheme in Ohio, but this is not the place to go into it. Google around and verify all this information for yourself.

Now, I am NOT saying that Bush, Condeeleeza, Powell, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz huddled somewhere and ORDERED the immediate arrest of Michael Jackson.

They did not have to.

One of the things that Bush rarely gets credited for is that he is a very good manager when it comes to delegating things that require some cerebral exercise. The Republicans have a lot of media savvy braniacs working for them.

I am not even sure if there was necessarily an explicitly RACIST agenda at work in the ploy/plot to arrest Michael Jackson. It was simply a question of PR commonsense- create a high profile diversion from George Bush's growing unpopularity in the United States and around the world. The Michael Jackson arrest proved to be the perfect circus, the perfect diversion.

Contemplate the results:

Bush is back in the White House and on the day of the verdict there were 2,200 journalists from around the world who were pulled off other media assignements to cover the verdict in California last Monday.

How many people have viewed this anti-war message?

How many people around the world even know of the mere existence of the following video message from the Iraqi insurgents?

In contrast, how many people were glued to their televsions watching the Michael Jackson verdict live?


Try THIRTY ONE MILLION North American viewers on 13 US television networks.

Try a 1000% increase in web traffic over at Court with 25,000 hits PER SECOND as netters anxiously awaited the verdict.

World monopoly capitalism has long mastered the art of mass media deceit and disinformation. Apart from bombarding the masses with stultfying soap opera shlock, prime time talking head blather, a bamboozling diet of stupefying commercials and a steady stream of increasingly far right religious indoctrination, the folks who control what you see on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and even PBS and CBC here in Canada know the power of the print and electronic media as a tool of ideological enslavement. The Republicans like yodelling about the "liberal left leaning media" when in actual fact, there are very few liberals and virtually NO LEFTISTS working in the mainstream media. Even that bastion of the so called Hollywood liberals- the American movie industry, is a conscious partner in buttressing the might of American imperialism. Have you noticed how movie makers have made sure that they keep viewers- especially gullible American voters, PERMANENTLY TERRIFIED since 911? Whether it is a War of the Worlds or yet another third rate blockbuster featuring Middle Eastern terrorists, Hollywood continues by and large to serve the American Empire rather than subvert it.

Therefore it should not be that difficult to believe that the Michael Jackson Trial was a deliberate red herring with all the ingredients of a horror story, family values, sex, drugs, rock and roll( ok, pop music) race, celebrity you name it- all the tabloid ingredients that the mainstream media canines feast on every hour.

Paradoxically, the NOT Guilty verdict by an (almost) all-White Jury of Michael Jackson's non-peers can and will be used to push the propaganda that THERE IS JUSTICE in America and that African-Americans should quit whining about racism in the criminal justice system.

We all know that that propaganda myth is a load of CROCK.

Why does an African-American have to have the financial assets of a Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and OJ Simpson to "afford" the semblance of a fair trial? The acquittal of Michael Jackson underscores the fact that if you are an ordinary working class or inner city African-American confronted with serious accusations, your chances of getting off, even when you are innocent are often pretty slim- precisely because you cannot afford the high power attorney of Michael; precisely because you cannot afford, like Michaeal did, to buy satellite time and guarantee a global audience where you give your own version of things; precisely because you are not Michael Jackson who can maintain a 24/7 constantly updated website correcting all the media distortions as they happen; precisely because you are not Michael Jackson and your fan base in Europe and Asia is almost as big as your fan base among the communities of African descent in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world...

The Michael Jackson media circus has given George Bush an almost two year reprieve from harsh mass media scrutiny of his questionable decisions in Iraq and elsewhere.

How long will the American government continue sneaking the bodies of the dead and wounded American soldiers from the Iraqi war theatre into the country away from prime time news?

Incidentally, my argument about the Michael Jackson arrest being a deliberate act to creat Mass Distraction is NOT a NOVEL or UNIQUE approach. There are many people around the world who asked themselves the same questions, including some critical and skeptical Americans. Here are excerpts posted on a certain alternative news site called Buzz Flash:

"Subj: TV Channels

I can't get any news from CNN, they've been with the Michael Jackson story for over 2 hours, without even one commercial break.

And, I don't believe in coincidences, why did this MJ story coincide with Bush's trip to the U.K ? Is Karl Rove creating another diversion?

Tom Sklarski
Garfield, N.J."

"Subj: Michael Jackson pre-empts all Bush's protests/Istanbul/Blair real issues


I have no doubt that Ashcroft told the Cal. law enforcement folks when to execute those warrants. I'm dead serious - apparently they've had these Michael Jackson issues on file for at least 2 weeks and they're served RIGHT when Bush goes to England. CNN has consequently shown very little of the protests today and very little of these massive and perfectly timed terrorist bombings, due to the Jackson fest.

I had been sure that some British site would get bombed during Bush's visit (these insurrectionists or fundamentalists are too canny to pass up the Bush visit as an opportunity for that juxtaposition). I forgot to consider that the Administration is second to NO ONE at leaking, planting, or creating just the types of stories that it knows the pop media will drool over. The fact that the bombing came during this Jackson info deluge just must make the Ashcroft lackeys even more proud of their diversionary success - originally designed to divert the general focus from London, if my guess is accurate. It's really scary.

Dave Dorsett"

"Subj: Jacko and dubya

Does any one find it just a little fishy that Jacko got arrested while dubya is being protested in the UK? My husband and I were waiting for a big news head line and whalla there it was all over the local and national news to take away the friggen protests going on while Dubya spins his cartel web of deceit. Just my 2 cents worth.

A BuzzFlash Reader"

"Subj: 'Heads-Up' Re 'Why News About Michael Jackson Is Important'

Just a heads up since the top news stories are Phil Spector committing a murder, but more than that MICHAEL JACKSON all over the place.

Of course no news commentators bother saying that he was found innocent the last time he was charged.

They have already crucified him (including Peter Jennings last night) before any news is out.

Why is this important?

Remember - when they promote something this SENSATIONAL they are planning something wicked and huge to slip under the radar.

Keep your eyes peeled for other real news during this OJ car chase replay.


"Subj: Michael Jackson: Weapon of Mass distraction!


I am mad as hell! Over one hundred and fifty thousand people in London jeer Bush and tear down a statue of him and what is our main stream media focusing on? Michael Jackson!!! The weapons of mass distraction continue. Apparently with CNN and the media, Jackson is assumed to be guilty until he's proven innocent.

I did a few relevant things today: I canceled my membership in AARP, called into a local talk-radio show to encourage AARP members to revolt, and I purchased Michael Jackson's new CD. BuzzFlash, I'm sending you the check that would have gone to renew my AARP membership.

Dee Turner

"Subj: Was Michael Jackson arrest carefully timed? -

Sorry I don't have time to write a long piece. I just thought I'd point out that the D.A (Tom Sneddon) who is in charge of the Michael Jackson case is a hard-core Republican, and that I find it more than coincidental that the highly dramatic raid on Jackson's house and his subsequent arrest came at the same time Bush is in Britain. Funny how media outlets like Hannity & Colmes spend an entire hour on the Jackson case while thousands of Brits are in the streets of London protesting Bush's visit.

A BuzzFlash Reader"

"Subj: Another Reason to Kill Your TV

Dear Buzz:

Thank God for news sites such as yours. Reading your site every day gives us the real scoop on what's going on--every important issue is covered, discussed, and followed up on.

Michael Wolfe, media critic for NY magazine was on CNN this morning saying that because the current Michael Jackson media circus is "incredibly fascinating" (to viewers), that it could be played for a year. A year!!!!! (Unlike the Wilson/Plame spy leak--which "played" for what?--about 2 weeks, then disappeared, utterly.)

Maybe we should stop blaming the media. Maybe this is what the TV viewing public really wants--entertainment, infotainment, anchortainment, sitcomtainment.. Maybe a significant segment of the voting public are comfortable in their own protective bubble (like Bush), unaware of what's really happening, and not terribly interested. I'm sure we all know at least five people who fit that description. If that is the case, heaven help us.

Keep up the good work, Buzz. TV stations couldn't buy the sort of loyalty you inspire in your readership, nor could they hope to achieve the consistently high ratings reflected in your continued growth and influence. As they say, the Revolution will not be televised. But it will come, eventually. Pass the word: "Read BuzzFlash. Get the Truth."

A BuzzFlash Reader"

On another forum, someone called Ron Watkins observed:

"I believe the story of the decade was buried by the media.Bush being dismantled in London, England by 100,000 to 300,000 should have been on the list. This story was buried by Michael Jackson's arrest. How could the media ignore Bush being dismantled by the closest ally of the US over Michael Jackson's arrest? The US closest ally booed and dismantled Bush. The Mayor of London called Bush the biggest threat to world peace.This all occurred as George Bush Jr and Laura Bush were visiting London. Laura Bush was asked what she thought of the protesters and Laura responded with I haven't seen any protesters everyone in England has been very friendly.Does Laura know what is going on? Does George know what is going on?"

And here is a comment from someone SYMPATHETIC to Bush:

By Dustin Frelich

Michael Jackson's arrest is the number one cable news story of the day.Michael Jackson took center stage in the media Thursday, dominating cable news coverage for most of the day far ahead of a bombing in Turkey, protests over President Bush's visit to London and rioting in Miami over free-trade talks. Some would attribute this to a grand media conspiracy to divert attention away from the anti-Bush protests, etc. I disagree. Jacko has captured the attention of cable news simply because he will bring in higher ratings. Yes, it's about the ratings.A majority of Americans care more about Jacko than they do about anti-Bush protests--of course they'll never admit to as much--and as more and more viewers seek entertainment along with their news, Jacko will win out over protests any day of the week, even on Friday.


Is Michael Jackson's musical career over?

Of course not. American media pundits, being the jingoist navel gazers they are forget that the MAJORITY of the world's population LIVES OUTSIDE the boundaries of the United States of America. During his trial, it became apparent that Michael Jackson has MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of rabid fans in China( can you say ONE BILLION) Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, not leaving out Australia, New Zealand and other pit stops in the Pacific.

Were Michael to launch a world tour today, it would truly be global as opposed to the so called "world tours" of one hit wonders which take them from New York to Toronto to London to Stockholm to Paris and back to Los Angeles- or the so called "World Series" in baseball which has featured in the past one New York team taking the subway to the home stadium of its rival across town in the Big Apple.

With his vindication even within the United States, Michael Jackson is destined for a major commercial comeback, should he opt to go that route. I saw the other day that the same mainstream radio stations that froze him out during his child molestation trial are now scampering to play one of his hits every fifteen(well, I am exaggerating for effect) seconds, as you can see from this link.

The gates are wide open for the Renaissance of Michael Jackson should he decide to remain in the pop music business. The likelihood of Michael turning his back on music and performing is about on the same level as the probability of Fidel Castro joining the Republican Party. Not very likely.

However, if we are to go by the murmurs of family members like Jermaine, I would not be at all surprised if Michael Jackson decided to EMIGRATE from the United States. If that were to be the case would it to be to a place like South Africa, where Mandela remains one of his warmest fans, Ghana where he is one of the African-American traditional chiefs(along with Stevie Wonder and Danny Glover)and other parts of the mother continent where he can connect to his BLACK heritage, or would he move to any of the European countries where he has a HUGE WHITE fan base? Speculation is futile- he may stay put in Neverland for the next ten years.

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson is NOT and has NEVER BEEN a child molester.

Nevertheless, I can say without hesitation that the King of Pop is a deeply troubled man. Remember that 1994 GQ article that I hotlinked earlier on?

Well, here is an excerpt:

...Jackson’s personal eccentricities—from his attempts to remake his face through plastic surgery to his preference for the company of children—have been widely reported. And while it may be unusual for a 35-year-old man to have sleepovers with a 13-year-old child, the boy’s mother and others close to Jackson never thought it odd. Jackson’s behavior is better understood once it’s put in the context of his own childhood. “Contrary to what you might think, Michael’s life hasn’t been a walk in the park,” one of his attorneys says. Jackson’s childhood essentially stopped—and his unorthodox life began—when he was 5 years old and living in Gary, Indiana. Michael spent his youth in rehearsal studios, on stages performing before millions of strangers and sleeping in an endless string of hotel rooms. Except for his eight brothers and sisters, Jackson was surrounded by adults who pushed him relentlessly, particularly his father, Joe Jackson—a strict, unaffectionate man who reportedly beat his children. Jackson’s early experiences translated into a kind of arrested development, many say, and he became a child in a man’s body. “He never had a childhood,” says Bert Fields, a former attorney of Jackson’s. “He is having one now. His buddies are 12-year-old kids. They have pillow fights and food fights.” Jackson’s interest in children also translated into humanitarian efforts. Over the years, he has given millions to causes benefiting children, including his own Heal The World Foundation. But there is another context—the one having to do with the times in which we live—in which most observers would evaluate Jackson’s behavior. “Given the current confusion and hysteria over child sexual abuse,” says Dr. Phillip Resnick, a noted Cleveland psychiatrist, “any physical or nurturing contact with a child may be seen as suspicious, and the adult could well be accused of sexual misconduct.”

I was discussing this issue with a close female colleague who has worked for almost twenty years on issues that have to do with rape, incest, child abuse and similar sexual traumas. She happens to be a Michael Jackson fan who shares my conviction that Michael is INNOCENT.

We both came to a consensus as parents that there was something highly INAPPROPRIATE about the fact that Michael Jackson was not aware of the adult/child demarcations and how that can play out in a place like North America where the issue of child abuse is getting more and more attention. Both of us, felt, despite having African origins, we concurred that while North Americans will sexualize everything, it was still important to stay on message. Everyday we talk to our kids about inappropriate touching and other unacceptable adult behaviour to street proof the youth to ward off potential molesters and to find Michael being so naive at the obvious misintepretations of his conduct around children perhaps is a pointer that Michael needs to see a therapist who can work with him to explore and overcome all his child related traumas- and dramas because it will assist him in fostering ADULT responses in his interactions with children.

Since sex, pornography, indecent behaviour and other sexuality loaded buzz words permeated the Michael Jackson trial, perhaps it is prudent to pause and pose a BOLD question to Michael Jackson:

"Are you GAY??Michael?"

" Michael, another swali: How how do you see yourself in terms of sexual identity? We know you are NOT turned on by small kids as some twisted voyeurs imagine, but what does turn you on? Have you come to terms with whoever you are?"

Onyango Oloo is NOT going to ask Michael Jackson what is up with the nose jobs and pigmentation injections. You all should give Michael Jackson a BREAK- especially if you are BLACK.


How many men and women of African descent bleach their skin and straighten their hair?

Since my arrival in Canada almost twenty years ago, I can say that I can count on the fingers OF ONE HAND the number of African, Caribbean, Afro-Canadian and African-American women who sport their very OWN REAL ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HUMAN HAIR growing out of their own bodies as opposed to

European, Korean and Filipino hair bought at Dorine's in Côtes-des-Neiges here in Montreal or next to Lloyd's just north of Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto.

Look at

Congolese megastar Koffi Olomide.

Did he or did he not bleach his skin?

Look at Ghana's own superstar, Daddy Lumba, based in Germany.

Is he really that light complexioned?

The BIG difference between Koffi Olomide, Daddy Lumba etc on the one hand and Michael Jackson is that Michael Jackson had the resources for taking this madness to its logical conclusion.

Kweli nyani haoni kundule!

So until African women stop donning BLONDE wigs to HIDE their nappy African roots to please their African men(no African woman slathers toxic chemicals on their faces and sits still for hours while someone sews Asian people's hair or synthetic strands to their scalps to please The Jungu MAN, no Siree!- they are doing it to redirect the wandering gaze of their African men who are fixated on the Jungu Woman!) and African Men stop burning their cocoa brown and dark chocolate complexion with mercury and I do not know what other chemical corrosives, NO ONE should point an accusing finger at Michael Jackson. What Michael Jackson did to his African features is what millions of Africans and people of African descent fantasize about doing every single day.Yes, including Kenyans(and I am NOT leaving out my Tanzanian, Ugandan and Rwandese brethren and sistren with your mikorogo)- there are a whole bunch of us who WISH WE WERE BORN WHITE. Please do not get me started on those WACKY faux twenging UJINGA that many Kenyans in the USA adopt within hours of landing at an American airport. Restrain me from pasuaring the mayai on those young Kenyan women from those tu posh posh shules who will ridiculously fling a NON-EXISTENT STRAND of flowing silky hair from their foreheads, even as their own shortly cropped Afros mock them openly. This could get ugly- I mean, I do not want to grab the the toupees from the brathas and the wigs from the sistas. Michael Jackson's extreme makeover invites us to look at ourselves deeply and ask ourselves:

What is it about our African identity that makes us to loath our black skins, our thick lips and our broad noses- at a time when many white hip hop youth are hankering to be

Wiggers, many white women are putting silicon implants in their lips, boobs and I do not know where else and many white men reside in urban sun tan parlours struggling to be a little BLACKER in their skin complextion.

I could say more, lakini...

All the same, here is an interesting American take from the editors of the progessive magazine, Counterpunch.

Onyango Oloo


Spidey/Tato said...

for a second am almost doubting if you could actually be a bigger fan than i am...yaani i'd like to know how long this article took you to write.esp pasing all those links and pics...

i couldnt agree more... yaani u exhaustively covered all aspect i can't even contribute.

wanna form an MJ kbw fan club??? :-)

Kenya Democracy Project said...

Hey Nicholas:

Thanks for your feedback. The essay took me a few hours-between last night and this morning to write.

I have been a Michael Jackson fan for many, many years...

Onyango Oloo

Unknown said...

i was one of those who missed out on the anti-war messages. it was my first time seeing the iraqi insurgents one...quite moving. i am big fan of your D.E's Oloo, despite the names you call me every time i disagree with you.

Kenya Democracy Project said...

To Arumtidi, Lidia and Wahome:

thanks for your sincere comments, very much appreciated.

to the so called "mpumbavu" the overgrown kenyan kid in america who posted the moronic and obscene comment- very mature. i hope you feel sated after that puking session. for how long will you pursue me all over the internet, bombarding me with 100 hate messages every single day? shame on you.

Onyango Oloo

Ms. Omoro said...

To double O, I once again thank you for your perfect analysis and writing, keep up the good work I enjoy reading your articles.

As for the overrated comment by mpumbavu, I should have expected it as your name tells it all, grow up please.

Nya Ugenya

Anonymous said...

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