Monday, January 03, 2005

A Poet from Sri Lanka Cries Out

Sajitharan is a poet from the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka. This was written in the wake of the Tsunami tragedy...

O! god of horror! by Sajitharan

O! god of horror!
Hard to believe, immeasurable it is --
The love you have for us.

You love to hate us
Don't you?

And the power behind you
To cause destruction
Indeed lies beyond description,
Turning all our horoscopes
into 'horror' scopes.

Dividing us into parts
Once you made us fire at each other
And got enough for your hunger.

Thinking about the annihilation you caused,
All that comes to my mind
Are the words meaning nothing.

Raising an ugly tongue you came,
In the form of a tsunami’,
You devoured the children of our mother

Using the ink of tears
On our scarred sky
Let me write the end of your fate -
The end of your mad love.

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