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Ignoring Big Pharma’s Headache

Onyango Oloo Ignores Big Pharma’s Obnoxious Migraines As He Contributes to a Growing Global Rethinking Movement Aimed at Eradicating the AIDS Pandemic

"But remember, we don't actually sell our products. All of the resources we put into “sales and marketing” is really to make sure that physicians and patients are fully aware of all the information around the risks and benefits of the medicines we are offering. And then we leave it to the doctor and the patient to decide what is the best option for them."

Henry McKinnelll, CEO Pfizer, appearing on CNN’s News Night With Aaron Brown, December 20, 2004

1.0. The Vicious Venality and Vexatious Vice of Big Pharma

Who ruled the junk e-mail demi-monde in 2004?

Semi-literate Nigerian conmen and their hare-brained 419 scams?

Phallocentric cyber oil snake oil salesmen and their kooky products for penis enlargement?

Smutty direct emailers from New York City peddling the hottest lesbian action EVER?

Loopy Amsterdam based tricksters promising lottery windfalls you did not even know about?

Desperate Viagra merchants and their multifarious clones?

Fly by night online campuses offering doctorate degrees with your confirmed credit card purchase?

If you ticked any of the above, then you should never venture near a casino in the near future because you are obviously terrible at placing bets.

No,the UNDISPUTED JUNK EMAIL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP of the world was a little known contender known as Vioxx.

That is right.

I know you are going to start bawling and wailing that I have hoodwinked and short changed you, so why don’t you eyeball it directly yourself by clicking here.

Vioxx was also ranked very high among the corporations that people were lining up to sue partly because of news stories like the one embedded in this link.

Pfizer the company that allegedly “does not sell” Celebrex was not far behind when it came to lawsuits, not just about the aforementioned product, but Bextra as well.

I have a personal confession to make:

I have never used Viagra because so far, I have never needed to do so (hey, I am going to be 45 in August this year, so let me not yap too soon ama), but I am just wondering out loud to our readers(male, female and shemale) out there who are intimately familiar with this product whether a Kenyan Viagra class action suit is in the pipeline. Does anyone know? No rumours please. Serious responses only.

Please do share- this is a very interactive blog…

And I suspect it is only a matter of time before some John Edwards and his trial lawyer colleagues start going after Eli Lily because of complications with its so called “wonder drug” Prozac.

Big Pharma’s current headaches are nothing compared to the massive migraines waiting in store in the year ahead and with very good reason as you can see here.

I got the brainwave to do this digital essay on December 20, 2004 when, news junkie that I am, I found myself like a recovering addict relapsing back to watch CNN. The particular program I was glued to was News Night with that smug windbag, Aaron Brown. Drug scandals were in the air and we are not talking about billion dollar cocaine busts in Kenya implicating cabinet ministers. No, Celebrex was the subject and their Chief Drug Dealer, excuse me, I am sorry, meant to say Pfizer CEO Henry McKinnell was on hand to spin the bad news away. It was on this memorable program that he uttered those comical words that I quoted at the beginning of this essay, you know the bit ati Pfizer does not actually sell you drugs. Instead of rehashing that interview and probably distorting it, why don’t I just direct you to the transcript of the show which is available at this site?

What fascinated me even MORE when I was googling for that particular transcript was to stumble on this rare nugget of information from 2003 that revealed that Aaron Brown HIMSELF had been approached to star in a Big Pharma infomercial.

Here are

three books that came out in the last few months that indict these corporate drug barons and their powerful cartels that dwarf anything put together by those guys from Mellelin , Cali and elsewhere.

Consider the strange saga of one

William J Tauzin a powerful Republican politrickian and how intimately he is mixed up with these big drug companies.

But it is not just the usually easily bought wanasiasa who are in bed with the Pfizers, Mercks, Eli Lily, Bayer etc. Respected scientists and venerated professional journals too can be had for a certain price as you can from this 2002 expose about the
New England Journal of Medicine.

Issue #362 of the New Internationalist was a definite keeper because it was a special on Big Pharma.

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weisman, two Washington based anti-corporate investigators stripped away the fig leaf that these major pharmaceutical companies were shielding themselves with. The duo had done another number on the Cipro anthrax debacle way back in 2001.

No wonder some observers have been noticing that there is a connection between capitalism and the contemporary crisis in medical ethics- a point driven home by yet another article that appeared in the People’s Weekly World, a newspaper owned and operated by the Communist Party, USA and bolstered by an item in Political Affairs, a theoretical journal of the same American Communist political organization. This point is further amplified by Paul N Casgoly writing about the negative capitalist tendencies emerging in “post communist” Hungary and backed up by a study of the Korean immigrant workers in Australia.

2.0. A Non-Corporate Paradigm: The Rise of Cuba as a Latin American Pharmaceutical Powerhouse

Pharmaceutical enterprises in and of themselves are neither inherently evil or instrincally good. The social, historical and political context that shapes and nurtures them counts as a huge contributing factor in determining their character.

Cuba, that small Caribean island nation 90 kilometres from the toes of the imperialist monster, that proud socialist oasis in the western hemispheric capitalist waste land; Cuba that young revolutionary society that is in the Third World without being an actual “Third World” country in the conventional neo-colonial sense; Cuba has managed to craft a technological and pharmaceutical miracle to build on its proven track record in health services, superior education and long term political stability.

Often on the net I am amused when I peruse the caricatures of Cuba manufactured in Miami and recycled by Kenyan born House Niggers who subsist on the fascist gruel supplied by the National Review and other neoconservative rags.

The real Cuba in the meantime continues to thrive and grow, deepening, clarifying, rectifying its revolutionary experience and essence and strengthening its bilateral, regional and international bonds with countries as diverse as Venezuela, Canada, South Africa, Vietnam and yes, Kenya.

On Boxing Day 2004

comrade Fidel Castro announced that Cuba had struck oil, an event likely to dramatically and drastically shift the geo-political balance of forces in Cuba’s favour- especially if the Bolivarian Experiment in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela continues to hold.

North American publications have started writing about the rise of Cuba as the true pharmaceutical giant in Latin America.

Here are some pointers. Consider, for instance VA-MENGOC-BC, a vaccine Cuba developed to combat a certain strain of meningitis.

And who else would have thought of using the VENOM of the scorpion as a weapon to fight cancer?

Let us take off our hats to our Cuban sisters and brothers as we marvel at the way they used something that we see all over Kenya- the BARK of the Mango to create a very effective and commercially successful range of health products known by the collective brand name


For more on the Cuban pharmaceutical sector and its stellar achievements in health under its VISIONARY REVOLUTIONARY leadership, please consult this link and this one as well.

3.0. Who is Afraid of the Big Bad AIDS?

Not I.

First of all, there are two forms of AIDS and I am not tetemeshwad by either one.

We all know about the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that is afflicting each and every capillary of the globe.

But how about the AIDS that targets the South, the global South?

You know what I am talking about even as you ask me what I am talking about.

I am talking about the AIDS that is in your living room and behind our backyard even though in terms of rural homesteads, my home squared may be as far from yours as my grandfather’s dala is as far from my fiance’s bara kwao Kirinyaga…

I am talking about the AIDS that will penetrate you without a condom precisely because it is NOT sexually, but politically transmitted.

What is this political AIDS that leaves us economically suppressed, culturally compromised, technologically deficient, ideologically bereft and commercially shortchanged?


I can see your eyes glistening with recognition.

You know the kind of AIDS I am talking about.

It is


I first came across this virulent AIDS strain in the pages of the African Communist, the Marxist-Leninist journal of

the South African Communist Party.

Alas, today it is not the day of talking at length about American Imperialism Down South.

I want to talk about AIDS Asili, AIDS classic, retro AIDS, good old AIDS.

I am talking AIDS as if it is an old neighbour.

And it is.

I am talking about AIDS as if I meet it everyday on the street- and I do.

Who has not felt the pang of sadness when a loved one succumbs to what the Luos call ayaki and many urban Kenyans simple refer to as the “Big One”?

Who has not felt the panic, the terror, the horror and the gut wrenching momentary fear when a condom breaks in the middle of a furious mtombano session?

As it turns out, our terror far surpasses the dangers we always delude ourselves we will endure to our graves.

This is what I want to say to my fellow Kenyans:

2005 is the year you should take a direct aim at UKIMWI and spit right into the eyes of AIDS telling AIDS, buzz off Mr or Ms UKIMWI! You do not scare me, you old scarecrow!

The real war against terrorism really should be war to combat the terrible and terrifying fear of AIDS and the HYSTERIA that sustains the orthodoxy and multibillion dollar cottage industry it has spawned all over the world.

Our war against AIDS will be won the day we stop fearing it.

Let me rewind that:

Our war against HIV/AIDS will be VICTORIOUS the day we stop fearing it.

In order to overcome our funk about UKIMWI we must liberate ourselves from IGNORANCE about AIDS.

Well, that certainly is PART of the story isn’t it?

Are you sitting down, because if you are already shocked so early into the essay, where are you going to be at the end of this essay- glued to your toilet seat hara haring as someone who put too much cayenne in your goat curry?

For far TOO LONG we have subsisted on myths and half truths mongered by self-interested pseudo-scientific high priests with an agenda to keep millions of people mortified about a portmanteau mix and match syndrome that means one thing in Chicago and another in Bangui and Lahore.

So you really think you know everything about AIDS?

How you can catch it by fucking without a condom;

How it is caused by the HIV virus and how it kills you pole pole until one day you are a ka tiny little little tiny stick waiting to be buried with seven people present at your internment?

You know, I used to be EXACTLY like you and you and you.

I thought I knew EVERYTHING about AIDS.
Kwani si I had been among those miros in Toronto who had met in that Scarborough apartment I used to share with my ex to plot the launch of the first ever AIDS organization in Canada way back in September 1990? Did we not get funding in 1991 to do AIDS awareness? Was I not that guy who was approached by the Jamaican-Canadian sister who worked with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention to be a buddy for Ndugu M.R. a very vivacious Rwandese man who was so much in denial about his affliction that he petitioned the Prime Minister of Canada, the Premier of Ontario, the Mayor of Toronto, Magic Johnson and the Mayor of New York, David Dinkins trying to convince them that he had been deliberately injected with the deadly virus in an Ontario hospital by a Mengele like coterie of mad physicians? Was I not the person who announced to the entire world at around three thirty am on Thursday October 19th, 2000:

> ----- Original Message -----
> > From:
> > To: ;
> >
> > Cc:
> > Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 3:39 AM
> >
> > >
> > > By Onyango Oloo, Toronto, October 18, 2000
> > >
> > > Yes.
> > >
> > > That is right.
> > >
> > > No.
> > >
> > > It was not “a long illness”.
> > >
> > > No.
> > >
> > > It was not cancer.
> > >
> > > Or TB.
> > >
> > > Or kidney failure.
> > >
> > > My brother died of AIDS.
> > >
> > > And yes, his kidneys failed. And yes, he did have
> > pulmonary tuberculosis.
> > >
> > > As we all know, nobody ever dies of AIDS per se,
> > but of AIDS related
> > complications.
> > >
> > > What is AIDS?
> > >
> > > If you go to the website called of an organization
> > called
> > you will read the
> > following:
> > > “AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency
> > Syndrome:
> > > Acquired means you can catch it;
> > > Immune Deficiency means a weakness in the body's
> > system that fights
> > diseases.
> > > Syndrome means a group of health problems that
> > make up a disease.
> > > AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV: Human
> > Immunodeficiency Virus. If you
> > get infected with HIV, your body will try to fight
> > the infection. It will
> > make "antibodies", special molecules that are
> > supposed to fight HIV.
> > > When you get a blood test for HIV, the test is
> > really looking for these
> > antibodies. If you have them in your blood, it means
> > that you have HIV
> > infection. People who have the HIV antibodies are
> > called "HIV-Positive".
> > > Being HIV-positive, or having HIV disease, is not
> > the same as having AIDS.
> > Many people are HIV-positive but don't get sick for
> > many years. As HIV
> > disease continues, it slowly wears down the immune
> > system. Viruses,
> > parasites, fungi and bacteria that usually don't
> > cause any problems can make
> > you very sick if your immune system is damaged.
> > These are
> > called “opportunistic infections”.
> > >
> > > And what are these strange things called
> > opportunistic infections?
> > >
> > > Well, let’s go back to the same website:
> > >
> > > “In our bodies, we carry many germs - bacteria,
> > protozoa, fungi, and
> > viruses. When our immune system is working, it can
> > control germs in our
> > body. But when the immune system is weakened by HIV
> > disease or by some
> > medications, it creates an opportunity for germs to
> > get out of control and
> > cause health problems. Infections that take
> > advantage of weakness in the
> > immune defenses are called "opportunistic". The
> > phrase "opportunistic
> > infection" is often shortened to "OI".
> > >
> > > How do you know you have an OI? Tune in one more
> > time:
> > > “You can be infected with an OI, and "test
> > positive" for it, even though
> > you don't have the disease. For example, almost
> > everyone with HIV tests
> > positive for Cytomegalovirus (CMV). But it is very
> > rare for CMV disease to
> > develop unless the T-cell count drops below 50, a
> > sign of serious damage to
> > the immune system. To see if you're infected with an
> > OI, your blood might be
> > tested for antigens (pieces of the germ that causes
> > the OI) or for
> > antibodies (proteins made by the immune system to
> > fight the antigens). If
> > either the antigens or the antibodies are found, it
> > means you're infected.
> > If you are infected with a germ that causes an OI,
> > and if your T-cells are
> > low enough to allow that OI to develop, your doctor
> > will look for signs of
> > active disease. These are different for the
> > different OIs..”
> > >
> > > So, what is the connection between OIs and AIDS?
> > Letis listen in:
> > >
> > > “Getting an OI is not the same thing as having
> > AIDS. People who aren't
> > HIV-infected can develop OIs if their immune systems
> > are damaged. For
> > example, many drugs used to treat cancer suppress
> > the immune system. Some
> > people who get cancer treatments can develop OIs.
> > HIV weakens the immune
> > system so that opportunistic infections can develop.
> > If you are HIV-infected
> > and develop opportunistic infections, you might have
> > AIDS.In the US, the
> > Center for Disease Control (CDC) is responsible for
> > deciding who has AIDS.
> > The CDC has developed a list of about 24
> > opportunistic infections. If you
> > have HIV and one or more of these "official" OIs,
> > then you have AIDS...”
> > >
> > > So, what are some of the common examples of OIs?
> > >
> > > “Since people started taking the new combinations
> > of antiviral drugs,
> > fewer people are getting OIs. They still occur, but
> > it's not clear how many
> > people with HIV will get a specific OI.
> > > The most common OIs are listed here, along with
> > the disease they usually
> > cause, and the T-cell count when the disease becomes
> > active:
> > > 1. Candidiasis (Thrush) is a fungal infection of
> > the mouth, throat, or
> > vagina. T-cell range: can occur even with fairly
> > high T-cells.
> > > 2. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a viral infection that
> > causes eye disease that
> > can lead to blindness. T-cell range: under 50.
> > > 3. Herpes simplex viruses can cause oral herpes
> > (cold sores) or genital
> > herpes. These are fairly common infections, but if
> > you have HIV, the
> > outbreaks can be much more frequent and more severe.
> > They can occur at any
> > T-cell count.
> > > 4. Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC or MAI) is a
> > bacterial infection that
> > can cause recurring fevers, general sick feelings,
> > problems with digestion,
> > and serious weight loss. T-cell range: under 75.
> > > 5. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) is a
> > protozoal infection that can
> > cause a fatal pneumonia. T-cell range: under 200.
> > > 6. Toxoplasmosis (Toxo) is a protozoal infection
> > of the brain. T-cell
> > range: under 100.
> > > 7. Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that
> > attacks the lungs, and
> > can cause meningitis. T-cell range: Everyone with
> > HIV who tests positive for
> > exposure to TB should be treated. ...”
> > >
> > > Is there a cure for AIDS? Not yet, we are told:
> >
> === message truncated ===

That was the same Onyango Oloo alright.

I am sure my readers will not mistake that Onyango Oloo for the Onyango Oloo who is a lawyer in Nairobi and wanted to be an MP in Kisumu. No, this Onyango Oloo who used to live in Mombasa before he passed by Dar es Salaam and Toronto on his way to resettle in Montreal was very much the Onyango Oloo who wrote those lines and is composing these ones you are reading right now.

But it is the very same Onyango Oloo who started reading and sharing EVERYTHING he could get hold on that spoke about HIV/AIDS. It was the same Onyango Oloo who delved with gusto into all that touched even tangentially this life and death( literally) topic. I read from scientists, politicians, health educators, trainers, support workers, people living HIV/AIDS, spouses, ex-lovers, siblings and offspring of people who had themselves died of what were assumed to be AIDS related complications.

It got to the point where I stopped reading for a while because there was nothing being published that I had not read about the day or the week before…

And it precisely through this ravenous hunger for more and more information, for deeper insights into the AIDS pandemic that I stumbled onto an Italian American woman living in California called

Christine Maggiore

She may not know this, but I credit Christine with drastically influencing and redirecting my entire mindset, my whole outlook on AIDS.

She was NOT one of the conspiracy theorists I had listened to on and off with varying degrees of indulgence and interest, on a certain community-based station in southern Ontario, as they peddled their hypothesis that HIV was a nefarious CIA/ Pentagon plot to kill off the Black race through biological warfare.

Here was a woman who had been diagnosed as HIV positive and had not only accepted her positive diagnosis, but had gone ahead to serve on the boards of two non-profits dealing with HIV/AIDS, emerging as one of their most effective public speakers.

Her credibility came from three things, as far as I was concerned:

She was someone who, unlike so many of us, had lived the nightmare we often just fret about- finding out that you are HIV positive and going on with your life instead of jumping off the twenty third floor balcony of a high rise building;

Secondly, Christine was intelligent and her approach was fact and science based using simple and accessible lay person’s language to set out her case against the AIDS orthodoxy;

Thirdly, her moral and ideological courage- the fact that she was willing to risk losing her own children and even endure direct personal threats to keep affirming her firm convictions…

I first encountered her online through her mind-blowing and thought provoking website called Alive and Well (today with a mirror site dubbed QuestionAIDS.Com).

Then one day I walked into a bookstore in Toronto and picked up her slim classic,

What If Everything You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?

This is a book that EVERYONE, no matter where they stand in the raging AIDS controversies should, at the very minimum, read.

And today you have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE, especially if you are reading this online.

Christine has made each chapter of the book available FREE OF CHARGE for you to download and read at your leisure.

So let us do that right shall we?

Start here.

Here is the preface.

She challenges you to pass her special AIDS test.

Christine questions the existing AIDS tests.

She gives tremendous hope and encouragement to people who have actually tested positive.

Christine cautions about the so called protease inhibitors and combo cocktails and points out the toxic dangers posed by such legal poisons like AZT.

She demystifies the mumbo jumbo and all that quackery about viral load.

Christine then answers the question you are dying to fling at her angrily: If it’s not HIV, what then causes AIDS?

And the good American woman is not done. Having given birth to TWO healthy babies AFTER her HIV positive diagnosis in 1992, she sets out to respond to the question: Do pregnant women who test HIV positive give their babies AIDS?

One of the most powerful portions of the book has to do the personal survival stories of countless individuals who have defied the death sentences, certain obituaries, continous toxic poisoning incidents and episodes via the so called AIDS treatments, the premature funerals to continue thriving and blooming after overcoming their fear of HIV and AIDS.

As soon as I had finished reading the book I made up my mind that I would interview Christine Maggiore for the DUNIA Show. I finally managed to do that on July 22, 2002 and you can access that interview by pressing on this link.

Christine is still living her life even though the medical establishment and AIDS orthodoxy have wished her death more than once as she explains in this account.

One place to go for alternative information about AIDS is called
Heal Toronto.

Another place is called Virus Myth.Net.

A New York based rethinking group believes that the corporate takeover of science is the greatest threat to democracy.

Here is another site that busts 10 of the most common myths about HIV and AIDS.

And here are the

Top 100 AIDS Science inconsistencies.

For Africans who want to get a firm theoretical and academic grounding on how AIDS in African has been constructed to suit Western stereotypes about our continent, the following searing critique by US historian and university professor Charles Geshekter provides a template for those who have always felt the need for a critical reappraisal for the AIDS hypothesis in Africa.

Dr Mohamed Al Bayati, a pathologist and toxicologist says he has not come across a single case which convinced him that HIV causes AIDS. Click here for his alternative explanations.

Nevirapine has been touted as a very important component in stemming the rate of mother-child HIV infection. But what is the truth about this drug? Click here to find out.

And I am pretty sure that more and more of you have heard the case of the

guinea pig kids of New York.

The Perth Group have been right in the thick of the raging AIDS controversies.

4.0. So What is Killing Kenyans and Africans in Such Droves?

At least two of my first cousins(one from each side of my family) are practicing physicians with a large contingent of active HIV positive patients. When I was in Kenya I actually interacted with some of them. Some of my own relatives and close friends in Kisumu, Nairobi , Nakuru and Mombasa are obviously grappling with some debilitating ailments that has made almost all of them to lose weight dramatically, cough a lot and die very frequently. About three years ago a young Kalenjin woman in Toronto shocked me when I asked her about one of her lecturers at Moi University. I had known “J” since we were teenagers in Mombasa. He was one year ahead of me in university and went to Chiromo for a science degree. Later on, when I came to Canada, I remember talking to him in the early nineties when he was doing his graduate work at a certain university in one of the New England states. What shocked me is that when I asked my Kalenjin lady friend about her lecturer she looked at me kinda sad and told me that just before he died, “J” had lost so much weight that he used to put on two pairs of jeans to disguise his weight loss. I was also told by a friend in the Scandinavia that another buddy from Mombasa who had studied engineering in a certain British city and was well known as a born again Christian was also felled by the infamous ayaki.

At the same time, when I went back and figuratively exhumed my kid brother’s remains in a manner of speaking I was startled to find that my siblings HAD NOT BEEN IN DENIAL- as a matter of fact they had been so convinced that Otieno was HIV infected that they had him take two tests both which came back NEGATIVE and that the immediate cause of death had more to do with the fact that he refused to take his medication and eat because of certain tensions he had with his father in law rather than the gradual wasting away of the pandemic.

As a counterpoint to that, the younger brother of one of my very good friends did exactly waste away in a manner very consistent with AIDS.

Three days ago I was talking to yet another old friend living in Nairobi from the university of Nairobi days who told me she found out she was HIV positive way back in 1991 when she went to her doctor to find out what she could do about a persistent yeast infection. They immediately put her on AZT even though she was not actually sick at the time and later on the retrovirals almost killed her to the point where her own doctors put her on a “drug holiday” because of the toxicity. She is currently a firm adherent to the herbal alternative therapies that more and more Kenyans living with AIDS are turning to because of cost, lower toxicity and better results in boosting the body’s immune system.

Yet another friend that I grew up with in Mombasa sent me an earnest email two months ago informing me that what was going to kill him was not any one of those so called opportunistic infections, but rather the simple STRESS of being unable to pay off the Kshs. 85,000 that he had run up at this well known private hospital in the Kenyan coastal town.

What is going on?

Are we in denial about an AIDS pandemic ravaging our country? When I was in Kenya in September/October 2003 I had the figure of 700 AIDS related deaths being repeated ad nauseam without anyone challenging whether it all added up. For example, 700 deaths per day times the days in the year makes for some very scary numbers.

Who has done the counting?

Does it tally with the actual total death rates annually?

This link here estimates that the Kenyan death rate in 2002 was estimated to be 14.68 per thousand, after factoring in AIDS related deaths. The population was estimated to be 31, 738, 135. Do the math. 465916 people were estimated to have died in Kenya in 2002. 700 people dying daily over 365.242199 days computes to two hundred and fifty five thousand, six hundred and seventy AIDS related deaths in Kenya in 2002 which would imply that AIDS alone accounted for slightly more than 55% of all the deaths that occurred in Kenya in the year 2002.

Is this a FACT?

To put these figures in some perspective, let us just cite the population numbers of certain urban areas in East Africa.

If we are to believe these statistics, the number of people who died in Kenya of AIDS alone in the single year of 2002 would have been equivalent to wiping out the entire towns of Kitale, Kakamega and Kisii combined or the town of Eldoret by itself in a single year! You mean to say if we had volunteers armed with clip boards and biros fanned out all over Kenya they would be able to point to 255,670 AIDS related kaburis in Kenya for the year 2002?

Can someone who does this work professionally in Kenya verify this?

When I was in Kenya for one and a half months, NOT A SINGLE PERSON that I know of died of AIDS related causes. On the other hand, my only surviving brother who is (unfortunately) very well known to the mortuary workers in Kisumu had to make at least five visits to the morgue because of people he knew who had died because of TREATABLE ailments that were directly linked to poverty, malnutrition, poor housing conditions,crime, domestic violence etc.

I saw hundreds of friends and relatives in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru and elsewhere who were gaunt and emaciated(heck, my pudgy frame screamed unaishi ngambo everywhere I went) but not because of HIV.

There is no doubt in my mind that they had acquired their slim frames from involuntary dieting courtesy of the IMF and the NARC jokers in power who had taken over from the KANU misrulers.

“But Oloo, look here, your poverty argument is hogwash, it doesn’t wash because a big chunk of the people who have been dying have names like Wamalwa Kijana, Jembe Mwakalu, Job Omino, Parpei, George Anyona, Darius Mbela, David Mwenje (who is still hanging in there) and other folks who are not exactly starving in the hovels of Manyatta, Kibarani, Paul Machanga and Mukuru. These are doctors, engineers, nurses, engineers, retired bank robbers, Goldenberg Sweepstakes winners.”

If you think I am going to say meekly and sheepily ati “I say I have to kubali that hapo umedinya point, you have cornered me there nanii” then you are going to be disappointed when you hear me wika instead:

Of course there is a reason why more and more middle and upper middle class Kenyans are dying kwa mkupuo kama nzi huku na kule from UKIMWI linked vifo vya mara kwa mara wiki baada ya wiki.

It is very simple:


If they flushed their meds down the choo and instead, used more mitishamba or manyasi (herbal remedies) and ate more machungwa, papai, maembe, korosho, njugu karanga, dengu, githeri, kisamvi, drank more uji made from wimbi or tea with tangawizi, limao, iliki, dalasini na asali, making sure they stayed away from the achwaka(changaa) and walked three kilometers, slept eight hours meditated more, reflected more and had more family, colleagues and friends visiting and offering support, not forgetting having even more passionate sexual relations with partners they are serious, faithful to and committed to, they would probably still be alive!! Imagine that!

Yes, I really think that an HIV positive person in Kenya can double their life expectancy if they throw away those expensive, poisonous combo cocktails!

Shoot me if you want but one day, perhaps ten years from now after half a million of Kenya’s best trained minds have rushed to their graves because of this dangerous snake oil you will say that the crazy communist in Montreal was right all along…

Go back and reflect on the last days of the Kenyan late vice president Wamalwa.

When he was in London we saw news reports that he was fighting complications to do with the kidney remember?

And he was being treated by Dr. Margaret Johnson of the Wellington Hospital unakumbuka?

Now if you dig up the CV of Dr Johnson this is what you unearth here and here, not forgetting this link.

So some simple and straight forward detective work on the internet (it took me less than TWO MINUTES to find out that information) reveals that our late vice president Kijana Wamalwa was being attended to by a doctor who specializes in HIV infection and suppressed immunity who just so happens also to chair the British advisory body for medical professionals who zero in on HIV/ AIDS.

Now take your imaginary microscopes and take a much closer look at kidney complications in people with an AIDS diagnosis.

First is a study which purports ironically, to argue that actually HAART IMPROVES the survival chances of HIV positive individuals.

Contrast that with this French study which linked renal toxicity with the use of tenofovir and a direct correlation between the withdrawal of HAART therapies and the improvement in the conditions of their 3 HIV infected patients

Next, check out this chart.

Check out this , abstract on epidemiology and infection control.

Lastly reflect on these findings from this cohort study of HIV infected individuals who were on anti-retrovirals.

One could go on and on. I mean I do not even want to get started on the outrageous practice of pumping toxic drugs into HEALTHY HIV negative women who have been raped on the spurious ground that you are “protecting” them from AIDS. I recently interviewed one Black Canadian woman who was gang raped in Senegal but is now confined to a wheelchair not because of the rape or HIV infection but because of the stupid drugs which knocked out her immune system. Seven months after a harsh regime of anti-retrovirals she tested NEGATIVE! Right now she is penniless and traumatized in Quebec City. If you do not believe me, go to this link and hear her tell you so directly herself, dammit!

5.0. So What Should You Do When Your Immunity is Compromised?

I have been writing all night and it is a quarter to six on a Wednesday morning in early January and I must get ready for my show. I will come back and flesh out this section. For now, shikilia tumaini(hope) with both mikono even as you check out this
link and this one and this other one not forgetting this other one and a very last one, ama niaje wasomaji wangu?

Kwaherini kwa sasa.

And remember this even as you nungunika and hangaika hangaika ukichanganyikiwa:


ADDENDUM: The Historical Hysteria Over Pellagra Has Sobering Parallels With the Contemporary Delirium About HIV/AIDS

Three words, Dr. Joseph Goldberger

Onyango Oloo


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